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Video: Erica facing possible expulsion from the Big Brother house after her sudden outburst at Laycon



Erica expressed all of her feelings last night and perhaps said too much. Is this outburst the beginning of healing or the blow that ends her journey from Naija to Big Brother?

There was drama on the dance floor and even more so at the Big Brother house when Erica finally got rid of some of the problems that had been tormenting her.

How it all started

During the party, Kiddwaya and Nengi seemed to sway on the dance floor and each time they approached, they were interrupted by Ozo and Erica marking their territory. Erica took a few moments to talk to Nengi personally about Kiddwaya, where she said that if there was a connection between Nengi and Kiddwaya, it should be made public. Nengi told Erica that the attraction was not serious and that they knew each other before entering the house.

Erica and Nengi

Erica discussing with Nengi on her relationship with Kidwaya

Erica’s outburst

After the party ended and the housemates entered her kitchen party, Erica went to Laycon and yelled at him for supposedly lying to Ebuka who had tried to kiss him twice. She did not give in when Kiddwaya and Trikytee tried to calm her down. When Laycon tried to separate from the Wahala by sitting at the table with Prince, Dorathy and Neo, Erica screamed loudly that she was not attracted to him, never tried to kiss him, and then called him “skinny stick” with many four-letter words.

Erica's outburst at Laycon

Erica’s outburst at Laycon

The Aftermath

Erica retired with the head of the House Lounge where she had a disagreement with Prince, who also tried to calm her down and bathe her so she could come to her senses. It was a dramatic night at the Big Brother House and the only question left is whether this will be the cause of Erica’s final strike and her expulsion from the house.

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