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China says Indian troops had fired provocative shots close to the border

An agreement signed by the two countries back in 1996, forbids the use of weapons and bombs on the disputed border called the actual line of control.



Indian and Chinese troops have had previously clashed on the disputed border

China has accused Indian soldiers of crossing a disputed border illegally and firing “provocative” warning shots at its soldiers on patrol.

A Chinese military spokesman said the Chinese soldiers on patrol had no choice but to take counter measures, but it was not clear what sort of measures they took.
This has been the first time in 45 years that shots were fired at the border area, which is now considered to be a violation of an agreement not to use weapons.

Relations between India and China has worsened in recent times.

According to the Global Times state Media, Indian soldiers “illegally crossed the Royal Line of Control (RLOC) into the mountainous region of Shenpao, near the southern shore of Pangong Tso Lake,” quoting Lt.

Zhang Shulli also stated that Indian actions seriously violated the agreements reached by both sides, fuelled tensions in the region and is by its very nature very egregious.

Indian authorities have not yet reacted.

The incident took place close to Pangong Lake

An agreement signed by the two countries back in 1996, forbids the use of weapons and bombs on the disputed border called the actual line of control.

The spokesman for the PLA urged Indian troops to “immediately stop dangerous movements, withdraw personnel who have crossed the LAC.”

The tense confrontation comes just a day after the Indian army alerted Chinese officials following reports that five Indian civilians had been abducted by Chinese troops in an area near the disputed border.
Tensions rose in June when 20 Indian soldiers died in a violent skirmish with Chinese forces. Local media reported at the time that the soldiers had been “beaten to death.

Last month August, the Indian military accused the Chinese military of causing tensions on the border twice in a week. However, both claims were denied by China, which stated that the border emergency was all the fault of India.

The “real line of control” is poorly demarcated. The presence of rivers, lakes and snow cover means that the line can shift.

Soldiers from both sides, representing two of the world’s largest armies, face each other at many points. India has accused China of sending thousands of soldiers to Ladakh’s Galwan Valley, and says that China occupies 38,000 square kilometers of its territory. Both countries have held dialogue meetings several times for the past 30 years and such dialogue have not been able to resolve the border disputes.

China and India fought a war in 1962, when India suffered a crushing defeat.

Abudulrasheed Mubarak is a freelance content creator. He starting his writing career in 2011. He is a graduate of Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi in Urban and Regional Planning.

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