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Phillip Brown, ‘School Boy’ not tortured to death – Rivers State Police



Anambra: Police confirm murder of monarch’s successor, go after killers

The Rivers State Police Command denied media reports of the death of Philip Brown, aka “School Boy”, in custody at the Eagle Crack Unit in Port Harcourt.
According to the command, the “school boy” died as a result of a Mafia attack and not, as is often claimed, as a result of police torture.

One Mike Pepple, who claims to be a relative of “School Boy” and a resident of Soku (Okwelle), Mile 2 – Diobu, Port Harcourt, claimed in an interview with the viral media that he was tortured to death by the police.

Police Chief Joseph Mukan addressed media representatives at the Rivers State Police Command in Port Harcourt, saying that while the deceased was a known criminal in the area, it was the residents of the port area who had intimidated him.

CPR Mukan said “School Boy” was already in poor condition before the mayor of Diobu turned him over to the E-crack unit for further investigation.

“It is a misconception that the suspect who died was involved in criminal activity at the waterfront.

” The Vigilante gathered information and informed the police, the Vigilante sent his men to safety, they were able to catch one of the followers of the cult that was making life unbearable for people at the waterfront.

“There was a mass action, he was beaten to exhaustion, and part of the vigilante was injured, but at the end of the day there was a reinforcement and they took him to the first aid station.

“Unfortunately, when he got there, he was exhausted by the action of the crowd and returned the ghost,” said the CP.

The CP advised the media to always check their news before publishing it, as well as urging those responsible for negative reports to withdraw their statements.

On the way, Prince Amatari, president of the Diobu self-defense group, said, regarding the arrest of the deceased in the port of Okwelle, that the deceased “schoolboy” had been brutalized by local residents, following which an AK47 was found.

According to Amatari, “he was a nightmare in most of the Port cities of Diobu such as Obidianso, Nwachukwu, Anozie, Echue, Ukwatu, Timber, Okwelle and so on, because of a struggle for the domination of sectarian groups. They shoot at will, commit arson and vandalize cars parked in the streets during their gang wars.

“We went into action and arrested a schoolboy with nicknames such as Augustine and Doctor, and seized the aforementioned AK47 with a double magazine, which we handed over to the commander of the E Crack.

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