Saturday, May 15, 2021

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El Rufai petition: Gov. of Kaduna state, approves castration among four other harsh punishment for rapist

Governor of Kaduna state, Nasir el-Rufai, have signed into law a very strict punishment for rapist.

This new law in the Kaduna State Penal Code amendment law 2020, will include punishment like castration for men that rape children below the age of 14.

Before now, the harshest punishment a rapist would get was 21 years in prison and life in prison for a person convicted of raping a child.

The governor said this harsh punishment that has been signed into law will help protect children from such a crime.

However, castration isn’t the only punishment included in this new law, as there are four other punishment a rapist is likely to face which include;

1. Removal of the fallopian tubes

Any woman convicted of raping a male child will punished by the court by the removal of her fallopian tube and could possibly be given a death sentence.

2. Death sentence

Anybody convicted of raping a child who is below 14 years of age will not only be punished with castration or removal of fallopian tube but also face death sentence.

3. Life imprisonment

If the victim is above the age of 14 years, the court will sentence the accused to life imprisonment along with castration.

4. Sex offenders list

The court will also register the name of anybody who is found guilty of raping a child in the Sex Offenders Register which the Attorney General will publish.

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