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Woman arrested in Cameroon for killing and cooking her two children



Mrs Salamatou was accused of killing and cooking her children

A 25 year old woman, named Salamatou, has been arrested by the Cameroonian police , after she was said to have allegedly killed and cooked her 2 and 6 months old baby.

It was said the incident happened on Monday, September 14, 2020, around 11am local time at Badjengo Commune of Pitoa.
It said that the victims had been missing for several hours which made the family to conduct a search for the children.

According to Police reports, after they searched around the house, the co-wife and the husband of the suspect found a pot and a bucket that contained the children already prepared.

The two children were found in a pot and a bucket already cooked. 

Police say they are investigating the matter and Salamatou will be charged to court.

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