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Your Guide to Visiting Swiss Alps

The Swiss Alps are definitely a destination that you have to visit at least once in a lifetime. The priceless natural wealth of so many kinds in one place is reason enough to visit this magnificent tourist center. The fact that so many families considered the Swiss Alps as a place of family vacation tradition for many years does not surprise at all. We`re sure that if you go just once there, you`ll become one of many passionate lovers of this mountain range.



Swills Alps

It doesn’t matter if you are a travel lover or you just want to visit the Swiss Alps because you are passionate about skiing, we all have to agree that this location is dream-like! Swiss Alps are one of the most magnificent destinations you can visit and it is interesting to tourists all year around. During summertime, the mountains are ideal for hiking and enjoying numerous lakes. Wintertime is when Swiss Alpes looks like a true winter wonderland, so they represent a real paradise for snow lovers. 

Whether you`ve never been there, or you love coming back every year, the Swiss Alps are that type of place where you can never get enough of exploring, discovering new tourist attractions, and enjoying breathtaking nature. If you are interested in finding more about the Swiss Alps, or you’re preparing for your first trip to these amazing mountains – keep reading and take notes!

Why are the Swiss Alps so irresistible?

Switzerland is a small country in the heart of Western Europe. Even though it is small. Switzerland has a nature that can cause envy in much larger countries. It is a land of natural beauty, dominated by mountain peaks, grassy valleys, and impressively clear lakes. Landscapes here are so vibrant and colorful that they seem unreal. Most tourists visit Switzerland to enjoy these views and the clean alpine air, and in addition, they are amazed by the cultural treasures hidden in Swiss cities. Places such as Zurich, Geneva, Basel, and Lucerne offer visitors top museums, a developed art scene, well-preserved old buildings, delicious food, and all the other beauties that historic cities have to offer.

The main tourist attractions in Switzerland are, of course, the Alps. They are the highest European mountain range and there are many ways for nature lovers to experience all of its peaks and attractions that it has to offer. The Swiss Alps pass through the French, German and Italian regions of Switzerland and cover an incredible 65 percent of this country. Although they include a large number of famous peaks, the Matterhorn is probably the most famous mountain and it connects Switzerland and Italy. Tourist routes which are organized in the Swiss Alps usually lead through the mountains and along the lakes, and there are also a large number of mountain paths as well as camping sites. Skiing is a favorite activity in winter not only for tourists but also for Swiss people who live in the cities nearby. These ski resorts are among the most famous ones in the world. There are ski centers Grindelwald, Gstaad, Zermatt, and of course, the most famous and the most visited of them – St. Moritz. The easiest way to get there is to get ski transfer service as you won’t have to worry about the road, luggage, directions, etc. 

The tourism development history in Switzerland

Tourism in Switzerland has been developing since the beginning of the 19th century. The Alps were forbidden in earlier times, and suddenly citizens of Switzerland began to perceive the Alps as a symbol of the natural order. At that time, they attracted some of the  European and American greatest writers, such as Byron, Dickens, Conan Doyle, Twain, and many others. They used to come to the Swiss Alps to enjoy the beauty and magnificence of the mountains. After them, people who were passionate about hiking began to come too – some of them conquered the alpine peaks. Eventually, more and more people came to feel the peace of those mountains and to enjoy the spa centers of the Alps, but mostly in summer months.

Swiss Alps Swills Alps

The story further says that a caterer from St. Moritz, who was thinking more like an experienced entrepreneur, convinced some English tourists to come back in winter. He promised that the landscape is even more beautiful when it’s covered in snow and that there is no reason for them to miss it. These Englishmen did come back in wintertime, and soon winter tourism of the Swiss Alps had a great market among the English middle class. By embracing Nordic skiing techniques, organizing competitions, and convincing railway companies to continue to transport tourists through the same route even during the winter months, the English laid the foundations for the modern winter sports industry in these mountains. During that time, the Swiss also put their best to develop winter tourism and proved to be extremely enterprising and pleasant, capable hosts. By 1860 Davos and St Moritz, and later at the beginning of the 20th century, Aros, Leysin, Adelboden, and Jungfrau were already well-known winter tourist destinations all around Europe.

For a long time, the most popular winter sport was skating. But with the development of modern ski disciplines such as downhill and ski jumping, that has changed. The first slalom skiing competition was organized by Sir Arnold Lunn, the man who invented and designed this discipline, in 1922 in Mürren. After that event, the first World Alpine Skiing Championship was organized on Schilthorn peak in 1931. At this amazing mountain peak, you can visit a rotating restaurant with a breathtaking view. It is also special because its interior was used as the setting for the cult James Bond film from 1962, “In Her Majesty’s Service”. After the First World War, alpine tourism slowed down, but the love for winter sports prevailed and people started coming. Also, the opening of the world’s first ski lift in Davos in 1934 contributed to reviving these amazing mountain resorts.

The mountains where all references are included

Winter tourism in Switzerland is one of the better-developed industries in the world. Today, modern infrastructure has been developed in the Alps. Every tourist can find something to enjoy because the Swiss Alpes offers something for everyone’s taste and pocket. Annual tourism states bring about 6 percent of total income on the national level. Switzerland is known as a progressive country, and so being aware of its tourism importance and the impact it has on the environment, today the priority for the Swiss is becoming sustainable tourism. They pursue a policy of sustainable development and also succeed to make the most of their tourism potential. Preserving the environment is one of the biggest tasks for the Swiss tourism industry.

When it comes to natural beauties the Swiss Alps have to offer, we can’t decide where to begin! But, you have to know that there are about 50 peaks which exceed the altitude of 4000 meters, so you can`t go wrong with the Swiss Alps – snow or no snow you will feel reborn. During the summer months, local guides lead mountaineers on numerous routes, so you can choose by your preferences. There is an option to see the highest peaks there, but also the beginner-friendly paths to enjoy nature, the air, and the blue lakes. The real magic happens in wintertime – few places on Earth can look that magically and fairy-tale-like as the Swiss Alps. All these peaks are a real attraction in winter. There are  29 winter sports centers in the Swiss Alps because no European country has so many good ski trails. Switzerland is simply designed for these kinds of activities!

No matter why you’re visiting the Swiss Alps, the offer is so large and irresistible that you will surely come back. Numerous visits are also necessary if you are a passionate nature lover with the urge of exploring as much as you can about these mountains. Talking about peaks, here are some that are a must-see. As mentioned Matterhorn is 4478 meters high mountain peak, which is also a symbol of Switzerland and one of the highest mountains in the Alps. Jungfraujoch is known as the best viewpoint of the Swiss Alps, but is also a scientific observatory set at a height of 3454 meters, called the “top of Europe”. Interlaken, a popular summer tourist destination, is a town located between Lake Thun and Brienz. It is surrounded by alpine natural beauty and therefore breathtaking. Lucerne, a medieval city full of historical sights, is located on the shores of a bright blue lake. It is also surrounded by mountains which makes its landscape look like a painting. Lake Geneva is the largest alpine lake and it’s located on the border of Switzerland and France. On its shores lies the city of the same name – Geneva. Chateau de Chillon, a fortress on the shores of Lake Geneva, is an architectural treasure that was an inspiration to Lord Byron, Victor Igou, and other famous writers. St Moritz is one of the largest and most glamorous ski resorts in the world.  It has twice hosted the Winter Olympics, which further contributed to the popularity of this ski center.

The Swiss Alps are definitely a destination that you have to visit at least once in a lifetime. The priceless natural wealth of so many kinds in one place is reason enough to visit this magnificent tourist center. The fact that so many families considered the Swiss Alps as a place of family vacation tradition for many years does not surprise at all. Were sure that if you go just once there, youll become one of many passionate lovers of this mountain range.

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