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Breaking News: President Donald Trump and his wife both test positive for COVID-19

Trump wrote on his Twitter account, “The first lady and I tested positive for Covid-19. We will begin our quarantine and recovery process immediately.”



The US President Donald Trump announced on Twitter on Thursday evening October 1 that he was going into quarantine after him and the first Lady both carried out tests for Covid-19.

Trump wrote on his Twitter account, “The first lady and I tested positive for Covid-19. We will begin our quarantine and recovery process immediately.”

According to his official agenda, the President of the United States is due to take part in a conference call on Covid-19 on Friday midday on “support for vulnerable seniors.” He must then leave Washington in the middle of the afternoon. to participate in a campaign rally in Florida in the evening, ahead of the November 3 presidential election.

A few minutes before his tweet, Donald Trump had confirmed on Fox News that Hope Hicks, his close advisor, had tested positive. “I just had a test, we’ll see. Who knows?” He said earlier in the evening, saying at the tine that the results will be out on Thursday evening or Friday morning.

Hope Hicks was aboard Air Force One with the President when he traveled to Cleveland, Ohio on Tuesday to participate in the debate against Joe Biden. She also traveled with him on Wednesday when he traveled to Minnesota for a campaign rally.

“She often wears a mask but has tested positive”

“She often wears a mask but she has tested positive,” he added, adding that he spent “a lot of time with Hope, just like the First Lady”.

Donald Trump had hinted that his advisor could have contracted the virus through contact with soldiers or law enforcement officials.

“It is very, very difficult when you are with members of the army, or the police, that they come towards you; they want to hug you because we have really done a good job for them,” he said. -he assures. “She knows there is a risk, but she is young,” he added.
The US president regularly submits to Covid-19 tests even though the exact frequency of the latter is not known.

Collaborators who work in the “West Wing” are tested daily, like journalists who go there or travel with the president.

Discreet in the media, very influential behind the scenes

Hope Hicks, who joined the real estate mogul’s campaign team early in 2016, is part of the president’s inner circle. After having occupied the prestigious position of director of communications for the White House, she had left the presidential team for a time to join the Fox group, which heads the Fox news channel, before returning to Pennsylvania Avenue.

Discreet in the media but very influential behind the scenes, this former model, who had worked for Ivanka Trump in New York, has always had the ear of the president who has – notably – never expressed the slightest reservation towards her.

The pandemic has killed more than 207,000 people to date in the United States, by far the most bereaved country in the world. Its management earned Donald Trump very strong criticism, from his opponents but also from scientists and some elected officials from his own camp.

He is accused of having sent contradictory and confused signals, but also of having lacked compassion in the face of the devastation caused by this virus. Poll after poll, a very large majority of Americans severely judge its action on this front.

Salihu Abdulsalam has been working with writing challenged clients for over four years. He provides ghost writing, coaching and ghost editing services. His educational background in family science and journalism has given him a broad base from which to approach many topics.

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