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Nigeria at the Edge of Complete Failure – Catholic Bishops



Catholic Bishops

On Thursday, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria (CBCN) took a look at the various sectors and wondered how Nigerians could conveniently celebrate the 60th anniversary of independence in the midst of huge loans with colossal interest to be paid back, and that we are currently servicing our debt with the nation’s significant revenue.

In an address delivered by the Archbishop of Benin City, Most Rev. Augustine O. Akubeze, President of the CBCN, on the occasion of Nigeria’s 60th Independence Day, the Catholic Bishops said the unemployment rate is increasing. Vanguard notes that there appears to be no concrete plan for fixing the economy and allowing the private sector to expand so that more of our young people can be working.

“It seems like Nigerians from almost every geographical area agree that we need to start working on restructuring. When Nigerians voted them into power, the current political party leading Nigeria (APC) campaigned to resolve the problem of restructuring, wealth sharing, and a constitutional amendment.

It is quite regrettable that Nigeria’s Federal Government has not followed through with its electoral commitments. State Governors, Senators, and members of the Federal House of Representatives must all work to ensure that Nigeria is restructured. Nigeria is almost on the brink of complete collapse.”

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