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Bisola Ajayi’s kidnappers wore security operatives uniform as Bisola’s sister and mother cry for help

Mrs Ngozi Ajayi, 54, who is a Redeem Christian Church of God Pastor, said she is unable to sleep since the kidnap of her daughter right before her eyes and in in front of her house.



Bishola Ajayi was kidnapped on Sunday, Oct. 4, 2020

Tropics Nigeria learnt that the mother of the 25 year old lawyer that was kidnapped from her house on Sunday 4 October,2020, is pleading for the release of her daughter from captivity.

The mom, Mrs Ngozi Ajayi who is a lawyer and also a pastor, shed tears as she pleads with the police, DSS and Rivers State Government to help in the rescue of her from the kidnappers after her daughter was kidnapped at Rumuokwurushe, Obio Akpor Local Government Area of Rivers State, Southern Nigeria.

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54 year old Mrs Ngozi Ajayi

Mrs Ngozi Ajayi, 54, who is a Redeem Christian Church of God Pastor, said she is unable to sleep since the kidnap of her daughter right before her eyes and in in front of her house.

“The men that kidnapped my sister wore security operatives uniform” -Motunrayo Ajayi

The younger sister of the kidnapped lawyer, Bisola Motunrayo explained that her sister was kidnapped right before their eyes as she was trying to drive into the compound on Sunday night, 4 October, 2020.

Tropics Nigeria

Bishola’s sister, Motunrayo Ajayi, explaining her sister’s ordeal

During her narration of the incident to Tropics Nigeria correspondent, she said, “It was around 8:30pm this incident took place, as usual when my sister got to the house, she horn so as for the gateman to open the gaye for her. But rather than seeing her drive inside, we heard the kidnappers shouting, come down! come down! So, me and my mother rushed out to see what was happening, thinking it was one of these street boys but when we came out, we saw the kidnappers wearing the uniform of security operatives, so we thought that we could reason with them.

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“My mother run to them, begging them to tell her what was the issue saying she was her child. As a result one of the kidnappers gave a warning shot on the ground in between the legs of my mother and also beat my mother, hit her eye and hands, while the other kidnapper went to the passenger’s side of my sister’s car to force her out of the car, beating her in the process as well.

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The house where Bishola was kidnapped

“As my sister saw how they were beating my mother, she stopped to struggle with them asking who were they?

The mother of Bisola was shedding tears, saying, “I am pleading with the Governor Nyesom Wike, I am begging all the security operatives to help release my sister for me. I am counting on the police, the DSS, the NBA, I am counting on the heavens and earth to help release my daughter for me.”

Motunrayo added, ” they forced my sister into one white Toyota Venza car, shot into the air and drove with her.
“We are still waiting to hear from my sister as we have not heard from her since her kidnap.”

The River State Police Command have confirmed the abduction of the 25 year old lawyer, Bisola Ajayi from her home.
The police Public Relations Officer, Nnamdi Omoni said they have begun their investigation to rescue her from the kidnappers.

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