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Nigeria police salary versus the top 5 paid policemen in the world



The Nigeria Police Force like every other Police Force in the world have a very important job as regards the protection of lives and property of citizens.

This sort of important responsibility comes with a decent salary for some countries.
As at February 2020, these are the five countries that have the highest paid police officers in the world, according to salary

1. Canada

Canada has the highest salary structure for police officers in the world. An average police officer in Canada receives over $100,000 per year.

One of the reasons why their salary is that high is because they offer services like ‘Paid duty” for guarding construction site or for private function.

Even when they stay in court to give testimony, they usually get paid over time. New recruit are paid $50, 000 per year.

2. Switzerland

Police Officers in Zurich, Switzerland get paid $73,472 yearly.

3. United States

The average salary of a police officer in the United States gets paid $60,000 annually but though this amount depends on where the officer is working and his level of experience.

Stated such as New York, California and New Jersey have some the highest salary structure for police officers.

4. The United Kingdom

The salary of a policeman (Constable) in England, Wales and Northern Ireland is between £19,400 to £23,000 annually.

However, the national average for the whole of the U.K is £31,000 ($38,000) per year and they do not work more than 40 hours a week.

5. Australia

Police officers in Australia collects $42,000 annually and they work 40 hours a week but if they work overtime their pay increases.

In Nigeria where there are 250,000 police officers nationwide, have one of the lowest salary structure in the world and the average Nigerian police officer survives on $1,700 annually which amounts to receiving just about $4 per day. This figure given is for a start as a constable.

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