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Cuomo has done such a poor job with COVID and crime says Trump



Trump has criticized the leadership of Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York for his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and crime wave in New York.

The US President stated that it was a wrong time for Governor Cuomo to be writing a book and issuing an apology.

In his statement on Twitter he said, “Governor Cuomo has shown tremendously poor leadership skills in running N.Y. Bad time for him to be writing and promoting a book, especially since he has done such a poor job with Covid and Crime. So many unnecessary deaths. The City & State have sunk to historic lows Washington wants nothing to do with him, and that’s so bad for New York, which has become a ghost town.

Andrew spends too much time listening to his brother, Fredo. Forget the books and your apology tour. The Federal Government would love to help New York regain its luster.

“Why is Cuomo promoting books when his state is doing so terribly right now? I would never just be promoting books on Twitter when America is falling apart (which would happen under SJ!) So terrible.”

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