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2020 US Election: Four days to go before US election as Trump and Biden prepare to wrap up campaign



With just four days to go before the US presidential election, the spotlight has shifted to Florida, a state widely viewed as a major stepping stone, leading to the victory of Joe Biden, or President Trump.

Now President Trump of the Republican Party and Joe Biden of the Democratic Party are seeking the support of voters.

In the 2016 election, President Trump won the state, but this time the poll showed that Joe Biden was slightly ahead.

Unlike other states, Florida is a safe injection.
Speaking to supporters in the state, President Trump has done his usual thing, which is to play down the coronavirus pandemic which is currently a major challenge for the country.

More than two hundred and twenty-five thousand Americans have died as a result of the virus, while it has infected more than eight million people so far.

Adam Abubakar is a renowned writer and poet. He Specializes in Writing Political News. He worked for five years as a writer and editor at the national news magazine.

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