Saturday, May 15, 2021

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Kano state government argues over school fees

The Kano State Government has asked private schools in the state to cut 25 to 30 per cent of the fees paid by parents in the third quarter of this academic year.

Kano State Commissioner for Education, Muhammad Sanusi Ƙiru, has said that if this does not happen, the government will cancel the third term.

This is not only done in Kano. In Abuja, the fees was reduced, in Kogi and Kwara states, their school fees was also reduced. So if they (Private schools) do not reduce their school fees to show sympathy to the people, then we are going to cancel third term, ”he said.

Dr. Mustapha Zakariyya Karkana, one of the owners of a private school in Kano, said there should be no dispute between them and the government on the issue.

“We have teachers, and we are paying them. Are we going to reduce their salaries or not? If the government decides to cancel the third term and go back to the first term, it will be fine, but we are not happy. “No, I’m not happy,” he said.

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