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Auto Crash: 5 dead in Bauchi Motor Accident



A ghastly engine crash on Saturday evening took five lives while others were injured in the state of Bauchi’s Bogoro LGA.

This accident reportedly took place during the victims and the wounded who had returned from the Zaar cultural festivities called Lhmb Zaar, which took place Saturday in Tafawa Balewa. The village of Bar Arewa in the local government area.

While the driver tried to avoid potholes on the lane, it was reported that he lost control of the car and veered off the road before falling into a ditch.

Council President Iliya Habila of Bogoro LGA condored the families of the five people who were killed by the accident in the village of Gwarangah.

In the Bogoro General Hospital, Iliya Habila also visited five other wounded people who received medical attention.

During his condolence visit to Gwarangah on Sunday, the Chairman of the Council said he received a rude shock to the news that five young people had been killed.

He said he was troubled by the events that have now taken away the good involvement of the young men from the group.

Iliya Habila said that the deceased were qualified young people who supported the region and the state in general.

According to him, death was a necessity for all citizens, and Christians were told to brace themselves as they would always, encouraging the members of the family to take refuge in God.

Dadi Nabasu, head of the hamlet of Gwarangah Gungu, expressed regret at the loss and described the tragedy as a reversal for the group.

Dadi Nabasu thanked the president for his condolences, which would comfort the whole community of Gwarangah, and particularly the families.

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