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Paternity Fraud In Nigeria: Is It Real?



Recently, a Nigerian musician Duncan Mighty took to social media to accuse his wife Vivan Okechukwu of paternity fraud. He claimed that in the DNA test he did, that their daughter Mitchell does not belong to him. He also accused her of infidelity with his friend. His deleted Instagram post goes thus:

We do not know how true this allegation may be, however, this has got us to take a view of paternity fraud in Nigeria. Paternity fraud is a fraudulent act that involves a man believing he is the biological and legitimate owner of another man’s child which can go undetected for several years in a marriage or relationship. It involves the “father” of a child having no genetic connection with his child. Moreover, in most cases, the mother of the child is usually aware of the fact and it happens because of infidelity in relationships, and sexual recklessness.

In an article released years ago, a DNA expert from LUTH (Lagos University Teaching Hospital) explained that 3 out of Nigerian men are not the biological fathers of their children based on the numbers of people tested in the paternity testing laboratories.

While the statistics gained from a testing center do not reflect the general population statistics, it is wise for every man out there to understand that paternity fraud in Nigeria is real as it could be in any other country. And it seemed to be on the rise.

Mr. Ayodele Ayodeji representing the paternity test in Nigeria claimed that 1 out of 4 tests turned out negative. He said, “I will say one out four paternity tests turns out negative”. that should trigger every Nigerian man if they are their baby’s daddy.

Conclusively, paternity fraud in Nigeria does not only lead to broken marriage and relationships, it also leads to loss of trust and low esteem in the child in question. While it is a good thing to trust your spouse or partner in a relationship, it is also a wise practice to go for a paternity test to be sure you are not raising another man’s child. This will not only reduce the rate of the acts but it will also create awareness for those that want to involve in the act to know that they will be revealed.

Paternity Fraud Is Real, Take Note.

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