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The young man who made Keke-Napep in Bauchi



A young man in Gumau, Toro Local Government Area of ​​Bauchi State, has successfully developed a solar-powered Keke-Napep.

Kamaluddeen, better known as KMC Encyclopedia, said he spent 60 days working on the Keke-Napep. He added that after two years of study, this year, his dream has come true. Most people, especially in developing countries like Nigeria, have seen or heard of such non-fuel vehicles. Still, now there are more and more talented young people like Encyclopedia, and they began to show their genius.

Kamaluddeen, better known as KMC Encyclopedia
Kamaluddeen, better known as KMC Encyclopedia

What is the difference between Kamal’s Keke-Napep and the public? What is the condition of the bicycle, and what type of vehicle is it? Kamaluddeen’s bike usually works for 10 hours when there is no sunlight. The young man appealed to the government to support them and give them more confidence in their talents, which he said the country could benefit from.

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