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Top ten Popular Hausa Songs of 2020

Although there are some traditional musicians who have released new songs, such as Alhaji Musa Danbade, they are still the most popular modern pianists.



Just like every year in recent years, we have looked at the field of Hausa music and found that nothing has changed from English music.

Although there are some traditional musicians who have released new songs, such as Alhaji Musa Danbade, they are still the most popular modern pianists.

Top ten popular Hausa songs - Hamisu Breaker
Photo credits,The song was sung by Hamisu Breaker

And another thing to note is that the YouTube app has always been a great way to identify the most watched or listened to music, especially after its videos have been uploaded online.

Through our surveys from YouTube, as well as interviews with singers, listeners, music sellers and radio staff, we have identified 10 songs that have made a difference last year, 2020.

Here are some of them:


‘Jaruma’ is the most popular song in 2020. It was sung by the famous young singer Hamisu Breaker raorayi without the voice of a woman like most of the songs of the Kannywood film industry.

The singer used words that touched the hearts of lovers, and showed skill in composing the words that any lover who hears the song listen.

Due to the dominance of the song this year, most people are not aware that Hamisu Breaker has performed the song since 2019.

It did not become famous until short videos of some wives dancing in front of their husbands in their homes in love, began circulating on social media and on people’s phones.

The stir caused by the video clips prompted the singer to quickly take a video of the song, directed by Sanusi Oscar 442, and the video work is completed and the song is uploaded to the singer’s YouTube channel.

Within a week the song had reached one million viewers on YouTube, the highest ever Hausa song has reached an audience in such a short period of time.

What impressed me about the song was how the Hausa poet, Professor Sa’idu Muhammad Gusau of Bayero University, Kano, untied it from the study bed from beginning to end.

To this day the song ‘Jaruma’ is in the minds of the people, because you can hear it being played on radio stations, the internet and in car.

So far, the song has garnered over two million YouTube views in six months.


 Top ten popular Hausa songs - Umar M Shareef

For three to four years, Umar M. Shareef’s song has been the number one choice on this list, but iin 2020 his song ‘Sore Eyes’ has moved to second place.

‘My Eye Disease’ is a pure love song, starring in the film ‘My Eye Disease’ directed by Aminu S. Bono, and produced by Abubakar Bashir Maishadda.

The famous singer appeared as the protagonist of the movie with Maryuda Yusuf, and they got on the song.

Umar M. Shareef sang the song with his favorite composer, Khairat Abdullahi.

Umar and Khairat have mastered the art of expressing love and affection, which has helped the song to gain popularity on social media, especially among young people. The song was sung by young children as if they were composed by them.

The song ‘My Eyes’ has gained over two million viewers on Umar M. Shareef’s YouTube channel in eight months, making him the ‘Hero’ of Hamisu Breaker raorayi.

3. ‘Sambisa’ – SANI LIYA-LIYA

Sani Liya-Liya Top ten popular Hausa songs

This song is not feature in any movie but it came up with a style that is unheard of by modern musicians.

Sani Liya-Liya did it in a humorous way. He has been in the music business for a long time, but it was only during this time that he became famous.

Ibrahim Yamu Baba and Zainab Sambisa sang the song in the film where Zainab was on holiday in the in the village where she was dropped off in a car and he started following her as he wanted to marry her, and she explained to him that their home is in Sambisa Forest, where Boko Haram members are, and he said he would not go to Sambisa.

Then she went back to kissing him, but he insisted it was impossible.

The music is very entertaining, especially the way it was is portrayed humourous way and the kind words used by the singer. Of course, the singer has mastered the art of pouring funny and entertaining words.

The song is popular because of its regular coverage on Arewa24. It also gained over 1.5 million viewers on YouTube.

4. ‘I Love You’ – USMAN SOJABOY

Usman Soja Boy Top ten popular Hausa songs

Usman Sojaboy’s ‘I Love You’ is the leader of this year’s Hausa Hip-hop group.

The song came to the fore just as the singer was performing on a show called ’90 Days Fiancee ‘with his wife Lisa.

This song is especially popular in Europe, where it is sung in English but with a bit of Hausa in it. 

People from many countries have made video clips and songs, posting them on social media with their loved ones, such as Hamisu Breaker’s song or ‘Jerusalem’ by Kenyan Master KG.

Sojaboy sang his song and informed his wife of his love for her, telling her that he would do whatever she wanted with her, including prayer, and that they would be together forever.

However, despite Sojaboy’s song for Lisa, they eventually parted ways.

Yet the song is still gaining popularity, especially on YouTube where it has over one million viewers.



‘Da So Samu Ne’ is a song by a group of eminent Hausa Hip-hop musicians from Kaduna, who have been very active in the band.

DJ AB is the lead singer. In the video the song is shown in the middle of the rest of the singers, telling them that he has put together a piece of music that they would like to get used to now.

The song was very entertaining, especially as the youngsters got into a style of teasing each other and ‘wanting to get it!’

Some of the comedians have also used this song in their video clips that they release on their YouTube channels, such as Kamal Aboki and others.

6. ‘Shalele Na’ – ABDUL D. ONE

Abdul One
Photo credits,x

Famous young singer Abdul D. One, whose star shines among young singers, this time composed a love song called ‘Shalele Na’, and there is no female voice in it.

It is a song that soothes the hearts of lovers, which makes lovers love it, especially women.

The singer joked about his love for her.

The song had an impact on lovers. Every woman who listens to it, if she understands the words of the singer, will find peace in her love, because it is a song that penetrates the heart.

7. ‘The Key of the Heart’ – UMAR MB (with KHAIRAT ABDULLAHI)

Umar MB

Umar MB is a well-known musician who started playing. Today, he is one of the rising stars in the Hausa music industry.

His song ‘Keys to the Heart’ is the most popular of his songs this year.

Famous actor Adam A. Zango and actress Zulaihat Abdullahi (ZPreety) performed the song, which was directed by Saifullahi Safzor.

The song won people’s hearts because of the work done for her video, because the actors gave the song its due.

There was even a new style of dance that followed the lyrics.

Umar and Khairat poured out sweet love words so that if you listen to the song you have to listen to it again.


Khairat Abdullahi

Khairat Abdullahi is a singer whose star shines in the music industry more than any other hausa musicians today. Almost all of Umar M. Shariff’s songs are performed with ‘Rariya’ and ‘Maria’.

This year, Khairat has focused on composing her own songs, and has performed several.

This time she changed her style by taking an old song by a singer named Atine Jibo which she raised almost 25 years ago, modernizing it. The title of the song is ‘Candy Boy’.

Many young people under the age of 25 are unfamiliar with Athena Jibo songs.

Khairat used ingenuity to modernize the song, especially as she took the style of the song unchanged, as if it were the singer who sang the song originally.

People were amazed at how the singer listed some of the northern states, and released their diet. Many like Khairat’s song remind people of the old days, and those who don’t know the song will hear something new came from Khairat.

9. ‘Trust Has Returned’ – DAUDA ADAM KAHUTU (RARARA)


Prominent political singer David Adamu Kahutu (Rarara) sang ‘Dogara Ya Dawo’ after former Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon. Yakubu Dogara, who defected to the APC.

The singer launched a dance competition, where anyone who in the dancing competition will post it on their Instagram page, then include the page of Ali Nuhu and Abubakar Bashir Maishadda, and from then until the time the competition will end.

Young men and women kept pushing their role with the song.

By the time it was done, 20 videos of the song had been selected, and then rated 1, 2 and 3.

But the rest of them – from the 4th to the 20th – were given consolation prizes, while the winners and runner up were given cash prizes.

All this made the song stand out.

10. ‘Message to the President’ – SULAIMAN A. TIJJANI (MUSICIAN) and IBRAHIM YALA

Sulaiman Farfesa da Ibrahim Yala

Sulaiman A. Tijjani, popularly known as Professor, along with renowned political poet Ibrahim Yala, sang a letter to President Muhammadu Buhari entitled ‘Letter to the President’ in the style of asking the president what he was waiting for.

They showed the same love that the people of the North had for him, but they also remained silent.

The singers pondered the lyrics with meaningful words, which anyone who listened to it would understand what they meant.

Many Northerners have embraced this song because of the precarious situation.

The song became popular when people were in their homes due to the coronavirus lockdown.

Those who listened to the music said , everything that the president should be reminded of, is mentioned in this song.

Amaka Odinakachi, a born writer. She started writing at 12, when she won the best writer in High School. Since then she stated to chase her dreams.

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