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Joe Biden Controversy no one is Talking About



Democracy Has Prevailed – US President Biden Says In Inauguration Speech

It’s likely that we probably agree if it is a fabrication. We probably agree on why Biden is doing that opportunistically as he’s campaigning across the Southwest. This research’s very clear like where he disavowed it that the quote from the book and yet the media seems entirely disinterested in this, which what seems like it would be in any other case a massive scandal.

“I like to play a game where I asked what if Bernie did this I think they would take some time to cover it, yet they don’t seem interested in this why do you think that is?

Well, I thought they would actually and you know every time I want to believe that the mainstream media will do better, they always teach me otherwise. I have almost 100 different sources in the story that I wrote. Our team went to Delaware and interviewed people in Delaware; we went to the Delaware Historical Society. You won’t find a person on earth who will tell you that they marched or did sit-ins with Joe Biden when he was a senior in high school yet. Still, he went to a black church for training; it’s a complete fabrication. It seems like the media is going to give them a pass.” Shaun King said.

It’s an undeniable thing that is so well-sourced, you know he even mentioned it again at a campaign, and I thought that my report would stop him from going in but anytime he is off the script he tells these lies man it’s disturbing. It’s two truths, and thirty-one lies. Joe Biden has said about his work in the civil rights movement.

Sarah Fidelis, is from Enugu state. ND Holder from federal polytechnic Bida, studied mass communication. Loves to engage in meaningful conversation, lover of sports, mostly football.

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