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Royal Air Maroc Fails To Compensate Nigerian Passenger Three Years After Losing Luggage Worth N10m



Royal Air Maroc Fails To Compensate Nigerian Passenger Three Years After Losing Luggage Worth N10m

Royal Air Maroc has failed to compensate a passenger, Adebola Lawal, despite its inability to account for his luggage three years after he boarded the airline’s flight from Lagos, Nigeria to New York, United States of America.

Tropics Nigeria NewsReporters gathered that Lawal boarded Royal Air flight JFKAT12589 on the 27th August, 2017 and was allotted seat number 7183608930, thinking his luggage had been loaded.

However, when the flight touched down in New York, his luggage worth over N10m, which was duly checked in at the departure in Lagos, was discovered missing.

A source familiar with the incident told Tropics Nigeria NewsReporters that Lawal complained to the airline officials, who gave him the necessary documents to endorse and give description of items contained in the missing luggage and pledged to help retrieve the missing luggage.

But months later when the airline could not produce his luggage, the Ondo-based pharmacist wrote the airline through his lawyer in a letter dated 31st October, 2017.

Upon receiving the letter, Tropics Nigeria NewsReporters gathered that Royal Air Maroc promised to take steps to rectify the problem which was not done.

The airline however in a letter dated 5th March, 2018 admitted it lost Lawal’s luggage and offered to pay the sum of $920 (about N350, 000) as full compensation to him.

Tropics Nigeria NewsReporters gathered that the passenger rejected the offer and described it as ‘grossly inadequate’.

Items in the luggage included 30 pairs of designer shirts and polo shirts to the tune of N1,200,000.00, 20 pairs of “Atiku” fabric for male to the tune of N2,400,000.00, 2 Rolex wristwatches to the tune of N900,000.00, 10 Indian female wears to the tune N3,000,000.00.

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Other items were dry fish and dry skin, both to the tune of N200,000.00, 15 pairs of trousers and 2 belts to the tune of N500,000.00, 1 Givenchi perfume to the tune of N70,000.00, 10 female designer bags (D & G) to the tune of N500,000.00, 4 pairs of designer shoes (unisex) to the tune of N230,000.00, 25 pairs of jean trousers of mixed colours to the tune of N500,000.00 and 2 gold chains (necklace) to the tune of N1,000,000.00.

Lawal however declined to comment when contacted by Tropics Nigeria NewsReporters.

“Who told you about it? I have no comment currently because the matter is in court. Thank you,” he said.

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