Nnamdi Kanu happy with Biafra Republic Government in Exile – Ekpa insists

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By Daily Post Staff

Popular Biafra agitator, Separatist Simon Ekpa has debunked claims made by an American Lawyer, Bruce Fein, alleging that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra, is displeased with the Biafra Republic Government in Exile.

In a quick rejoinder to the purported claims, through his official Twitter handle on Tuesday, Ekpa, the Finland-based lawyer who doubled as the Prime Minister of BRGIE, said Mazi Kanu is happy with the movement’s achievements.

He described Fein as a fake representative that has not achieved anything for Biafra in the past two years.

Ekpa noted that over 70 million people, including himself, fully support Nnamdi Kanu and the quest to achieve Biafra.

He noted that Nmamdi still required medical attention due to injuries he had sustained from torture under detention by the Department of State Security Service, DSS.

Recall that Kanu was re-arrested in 2019 by the Nigerian Government. Despite several court orders, President Muhammadu BuhaBuhari’sernment refused to grant him bail.

“I have just been informed that MNK is pleased and very happy with the achievement of BRGIE so far. However, he still needs medical attention and surgery because of the physical torture by the DSS. He is a leader of over 70 million people, including myself. Nigeria’s terrorist Government has violated all human rights laws in MMK’s case. They continue to deny him access to physicians; they refuse to release even when the court has discharged him”, he wrote.

“Biafra Republic Government In-Exile is registered, approved and legal. Agent of Nigeria, take note! Bruce Fein Esq will remain a loser and a failure!

“Bruce Fein is inconsequential in Biafra Liberation; No, nobody is paying him a dime again. We were told his fee was 400k dollars; Biafrans distributed money to that idiot and had nothing to show. He was receiving 50k to 60 per month. I promise him that he can not receive any dime from Biafrans again. The Fake representative has done nothing for the past two years. He travelled to Nigeria 5 good times to enjoy the hotel. He collected 50k dollars for each trip to Nigeria and did nothing. If that is not criminality, what else is criminality? At one point, he started participating in fundraising for his trip to Nigeria. By taking advantage of the situation and those who contracted him, he defrauded Biafrans”, he wrote.

In a related development, Fein came under attack on Twitter by Biafrans, displeased with his comment on BRGIE.

See reactions as follow;

He needs to pay back all the money he collected to do a job for the release of Nnamdi Kanu, which he did not do; he is just onyibo 419. He is supposed to join Hushpuppy in prison for defrauding Biafrans.

Bruce Fein and his group wanted to milk Biafrans dry but thank God for our prime minister, Mazi Simon Ekpa, De good guy, the wise One, who was 10 miles ahead of them

And look at what we have achieved in a few months without paying criminals like him. BRGIE and all Autopilot are working for the interest of the Biafra people and will continue to do so until Biafra is free from the Zoo. Because it’s a Call of Duty to serve the Motherland

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