Govt, communities, stakeholders must partner to manage waste – AIWMES

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By Priscilla Dennis

The Register General of the African Institute of Waste Management and Environmental Studies, AIWMES, Dr Ahmed Lateef Tayo, has called for collaboration between governments, local communities, and relevant stakeholders in addressing waste management challenges to prevent loss of life during the rainy season.

Tayo in a statement said managing waste during the rainy season in Africa is crucial to prevent pollution and maintain the health of waterways

He stated: “We need to raise awareness among the public about the importance of proper waste management and its impact on waterways by conducting educational campaigns to inform communities about the environmental consequences of improper waste disposal during the rainy season; encourage behaviour change and responsible waste management practice.”

He noted the need for an efficient waste collection system, particularly in urban areas, to prevent waste from accumulating and causing blockages in drainage systems.

According to him, “regular collection and removal of waste minimise the risk of clogged waterways and subsequent flooding.”

Tayo called for the establishment of monitoring mechanisms to track waste management practises and enforce regulations, as well as organise community clean-up campaigns to remove waste from waterways and their surrounding areas.

He further avowed that by implementing these measures, it is possible to minimise the negative impacts of waste on waterways during the rainy season in Africa.

“Protecting waterways from pollution not only helps maintain ecological balance but also safeguards the health and well-being of communities that rely on these water resources,” he added.

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