Subsidy: Likelihood of increase in storage, freight, others will arise – ANLCA warns

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By Ochogwu Sunday

The Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) says there is a likelihood of increase in storage by the terminal operators in the country due to fuel subsidy removal.

Kayode Farinto, Acting National President, ANLCA, spoke with NAN in Lagos on Thursday.

He said that as custodians of goods, the operator’s operational cost had been affected due to increase in fuel cost.

Farinto further said that the fuel increase due to subsidy removal had impacted heavily on almost all facets of logistics and urged its members to brace up for tighter conditions.

Explaining, he said that if they were using N10 before to load a container from point A to B, now it had increased to N50 or even N70.

“The various terminal operators who are operating are battling with their operational costs and this will affect storage,” he told NAN.

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