Tinubu can never cage Nigeria like Lagos – Charly Boy

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By Sunny Green Itodo

Veteran Nigerian singer, Charles Oputa, aka Charly Boy, has said that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu can not “cage” the country like he did in Lagos when he was governor.

He said he is amused by the foolishness of those singing Tinubu’s praise.

The septuagenarian said the president’s arrogance and his disregard for rule of law would be his undoing.

He warned Nigerians not to be deceived by Tinubu’s recent moves, adding that they were aided at getting the goodwill of gullible Nigerians and to distract them while the presidency achieve their ulterior motives.

In a tweet on Tuesday morning, Charly Boy wrote, “Only me just dey Laff for the Mumus wey dey clap for TINUBU.

“Many of us know say, all dis one e dey do na wash.

“But him arrogance and do anyhowness go land am for trouble.

“Him fit cage Lagos but never Nigeria.

“All dis 419 moves is designed to buy needed public opinion and acceptance by Mumu Nigerians and distract dem while they achieve their major aim. No talk say AreaFada no tell us.”

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