BBNaija Reunion: Deji manipulated me into thinking I have mental disorder – Chichi

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By Sunny Green Itodo

Former Big Brother Naija, BBNaija Season 7 housemate, Chichi, has narrated how “fake” housemate and her love interest in the Level Up House, Deji manipulated her into thinking she was mentally ill.

Speaking during the Big Brother Naija Season 7 Reunion Day 3 aired on Wednesday, Chichi said Deji would intentionally provoke her and when she started raging, he would tell her she was overreacting and needed to see a therapist.

She recalled how Deji once recorded her while she was complaining bitterly about his unruly behaviour towards her.

The reality star said Deji puts up a good character whenever they are outside but behaves irrationally when they are alone in the room.

Chichi said at a point she succumbed to Deji’s manipulations as she started thinking she could be suffering from a mental illness making her overreact.

She said, “At a point, he [Deji] would tell me, you need a psychologist. At a point, I started buying the idea; I think I have a [mental] problem because of the way I was being treated.

“I was manipulated to think I have a problem. He would do something bad to me outside and when we come in and I’m telling him, Deji, I feel like you are treating me like this. Deji would tell me I’m overthinking it. You would need a therapist.

“Ebuka, I bought that idea. I started feeling I needed a therapist because I was feeling like I was overreacting. My pain was, when we had issues in SA, none of the housemates came to me to ask me, except Amaka. She did not even ask me. She just said, ‘Hope you’re okay? Don’t worry, you will be fine.’ And I said, thank you so much for coming.

“Every housemate went to him [Deji]. Nobody came to me and say, ‘Chichi, are you okay?’”

Chichi said Deji was still sneaking to her hotel room “every night like a male prostitute” after the reality show.

She said he would fold her clothes and clean for her just to pass the nights at her place.

The host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, asked Deji who joined via Skype if he was in Chichi’s hotel room every night as she claimed.

Deji responded: “Ebuka, let me tell you something, I wasn’t in her hotel room every night. But this was the situation, I got to know you inside the House, I knew your story. We came out of the House, we all saw what happened on the stage; this girl literally had nobody there with her on stage.

“It was a different situation for everyone of us. Do you expect her to come out of the House and I shouldn’t be there for her emotionally and all of that sh*t? Ask her why I was there in her hotel room in the first place. I just feel like it’s a situation where you are trying to twist the situation. You came out of the House, you knew you needed me, I was there for you at every moment you wanted me around. I’m not going to be saying I did this for you, I did that for you or all of that sh*t. That’s not my vibe.”

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