Stop giving us bad names – Jaiye Kuti berates veteran actors over online begging

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By Racheal Ayodele

Popular Yoruba actress, Jaiye Kuti, has berated some of the veteran actors who have taken to social media platforms to seek financial assistance.

Recall that veteran actors like Iya Gbonkan, Alapini Osha, Lalude, and Pariolodo among others, have recently taken to social media to seek help to improve their living conditions.

Reacting to the recent trend, Jaiye Kuti, in a video on Instagram, berated the older colleagues, saying their present predicament is because of their failure to prepare for the future.

While describing the act as an embarrassment to the Yoruba movie industry, she explained that the veteran actors have themselves to blame for their present condition following the careless financial decisions they might have made when they were much younger.

She said: “Nollywood has the Yoruba and English sectors, and those in the English sector have members who face hard times but seek help amongst themselves.

“Our members, on the other hand, have ridiculed us with their need to publicly beg for help, to the point that many now see Yoruba actors as wretched, all because some people did not prepare for their future.”

“All the actors coming online to beg should stop giving us bad names. This job doesn’t have a pension, so you need to prepare for the future when you are young and active.

“This job is a success for me because I earn big, and I am already preparing for my future. You can’t make it compulsory for your colleague to give you money when you are sick”, Kuti stated.

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