State of origin behind Nigeria’s disunity, should be abolished – Okey Bakassi

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By Seun Opejobi

Popular comedian, Okey Bakassi, has urged the Nigerian Government to abolish state of the origin in the country.

Bakassi said state of the origin is a tool of division.

Speaking over the weekend in Lagos, Bakassi said Nigeria would be more united with the state of residence.

According to Bakassi: “If we want to strengthen the unity of this country, we should all advocate the abolition of ‘state of origin’ and emphasise ‘state of residence’.

“I don’t see why in 2023, we should be filling out a form and asking people for their ‘state of origin’ or ‘tribe’.

“Is it the tribe one belongs to that will determine how the person will function in office?

“I think what should be more important to anybody should be one’s state of residence. It does not contribute anything to national development.”

He called for the enactment of laws that would change the system.

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