Local liquor sellers embark on two-week strike in Taraba

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By Great Ozozoyin

Sellers of commercial liquor, otherwise known as Burukutu, in Taraba State, have embarked on a two-week warning strike.

The strike, which commenced today, is geared towards drawing state government attention to the hike in grains often used to process the liquor.

The sellers of the substance, mainly women, took the decision shortly after a meeting in Jalingo, the state capital

Under the umbrella of Haske Women Association of Commercial Liquor, they said the ongoing strike will only be called off when the state government puts in place measures that will reduce the prices of grains in the state.

At the time of this report, the price of a bag of corn which used to sell at N18,000 has risen to N55,000 while the price of guinea corn, which previously went for N22,000 per bag, has now been catapulted to N65,000.

Speaking, the vice chairperson of the association, Justina Solomon, said the strike has become necessary to draw the attention of the state governor, Dr. Agbu Kefas to their plight.

The increase, which she said was not within the reach of the common masses, has forced many out of business.

Confirming that the removal of fuel subsidy has forced the association to review the prices of their products, she said members of the association still find it difficult to cope.

Four litres of Burukutu, which used to sell at N500 now goes for over N1000, a situation which she said has discouraged many of their customers.

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