Appointments: PLWD won’t be left out – Cross River Deputy Gov assures

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By Asare Asare

The deputy governor of Cross River State, Peter Odey has advised the leadership of People Living With Disabilities, PLWD, to quickly submit a list of their members to be considered for possible government appointments.

He gave the advice Tuesday evening when a delegation of PLWD in the State led by Dr. Job Napoleon visited him.

Odey promised to present the list to the state Governor, Senator Bassey Otu for consideration when it is time for appointments.

He assured them that the state would accommodate everyone.

He emphasized that the time for politicking had passed, and now was the time for governance, where all individuals must be carried along.

Speaking on behalf of the persons with disabilities, Napoleon highlighted the neglect they have faced despite the existence of laws protecting their rights.

He emphasized the group’s visibility and hard work throughout the state during the last general elections.

He appealed that the group should not be marginalized or stigmatized, but be integrated into the system just like women, who he said now benefit from the 35% affirmative action.

He commended the current administration for its compassionate approach and acknowledged the Deputy Governor as a voice for persons living with disabilities.

Napoleon called for the government’s attention to the National Disability Act of 2022, which provides certain benefits for persons with disabilities.

He expressed optimism that Otu’s administration would establish a Commission as stipulated in the State Disability Law No. 11 of 2021.

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