Technological development key to overcoming Nigeria’s challenges – TETFund boss, Echono

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By Seun Opejobi

The Executive Secretary of TETFund, Sonny Echono, has said technological development is the key to the challenges bedevilling Nigeria.

This is as he reiterated that Nigeria cannot afford to be left behind technologically.

Echono spoke at the closing ceremony of a training programme on research for impact initiated by TETFund in Abuja on Friday.

No fewer than 18 polytechnic lecturers drawn from across the country successfully completed the training programme.

The programme is aimed at promoting innovation and viable research in higher education institutions.

Speaking at the event, Echono said: “The world has witnessed tremendous transformation with technology at the centre stage, transforming lives, creating jobs and impacting nations. Most great nations that have developed were able to attain such heights through education, technological evolution as well as a revolution which were all steeped in an insatiable quest for knowledge.

“This thirst for better ways of doing things has resulted in innovations which brought about the development of new technologies, new products, transformations in the telecommunication industry and new ways of existence.

“The emergence of the digital age’ has presented the world with no alternative than to adapt to the emerging realities. Consequently, nations and citizens are compelled to either develop or remain as second-class nations that would continuously depend on and serve other nations that have advanced through learning and impactful research.”

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