Enugu Protest: Ekpa asks traders to open shop for business

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By Ogaga Ariemu

Enugu Protest: Ekpa asks traders to open shop for business- Inv No- 1127-06272023-03

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Simon Ekpa, a popular Biafra agitator and Separatist, has asked Enugu traders to open business shops.

Ekpa, the Finland-based lawyer and Prime Minister of the Biafra Republic Government, disclosed this on Thursday in a public notice sighted by DAILY POST.

DAILY POST reported that three persons were killed and others injured when traders took to the streets Wednesday morning, protesting the sealing of their shops by the state government for not opening for business on Monday.

Consequently, Ekpa asked protesting traders in Enugu to provide details of those killed and injured for immediate medical intervention.

“We call on Biafra traders in Enugu to make available, send the details of all injured traders and those that lost their lives to the Nigerian government during the protest; their loved ones and their families should send contact details to Biafra government [email protected] for immediate intervention by the government of Biafra.

“Those injured will be provided with immediate medical treatment, while the Biafra government will contact the family of those that lost their loved ones, and the government plan will not be made public.

“We call on Biafrans to open their shops, businesses and also supply us with helpful information about the killers and those locking their shops”, he stated.

He added that Governor Peter Mbah of Enugu state will face the consequence of human rights abuses.

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