Fuel subsidy withdrawal a misplaced priority – Mainas

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By Timi Owolabi

A former Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, in Bauchi State, Reverend Joshua Ray Mainas has said that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s decision to remove fuel subsidy upon assumption of office was a misplaced priority.

He advised the President to learn from a former president of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, who attempted to remove subsidy but had to rescind the decision because he had the interest of the masses at heart.

Mainas, who spoke in an interview with DAILY POST on Thursday, said the President ought to have prioritized building modern refineries.

He said, “subsidy removal is not our problem, our problem is, why do we produce crude oil locally but we can’t refine it?

“Let Nigeria sign a contract with foreign partners so they can help us build refineries because the ones on the ground are not functioning.

“I think what Tinubu ought to have done first is to see how he can build a modern refinery. That should be his number one priority and not fuel subsidy removal.

“When we have our refineries, we won’t have to pay some people to refine our crude oil, tankers will also not need to travel to Lagos to get fuel since we already have pipelines to all these depots and this will save us a lot of money.”

According to the former CAN chairman, the president’s decision has only aggravated the sufferings of Nigeria.

“The actual thing is that Tinubu is not representing the masses because his interest is above the interests of Nigerians. Tinubu has so many policies but his policies are against the interest of the common man.

“Look at how food prices have gone up. Take a look at when Jonathan was in power, he wanted to remove the fuel subsidy but the country almost went on fire and he had no choice but to reverse his decision to remove the fuel subsidy.

“But it seems the current President only listens to his inner circle and not the masses who voted him into power. It’s obvious the advisers of the President are not giving him proper advice.

“From the onset, Tinubu said he will continue from where Buhari stopped and look at where we found ourselves. The President has proved to Nigerians that he is following in Buhari’s footsteps.

“Nigerians are already regretting voting for Tinubu. If he refuses to adjust, Nigerians will call for his resignation,” he added.

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