Mauritius leads as GPI reveals 15 most peaceful countries in Africa [FULL LIST]

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By Ochogwu Sunday

The Global Peace Index, GPI, has released its list of 2023 most peaceful countries in 163 independent states and territories.

While Iceland came first as the most peaceful country in the world, Mauritius is ranked first in Africa, followed by Botswana and Sierra Leone.

Nigeria and some other West African Countries failed to make the list following deteriorating security issues in the region.

Some countries in the West African bloc are battling with security challenges ranging from terrorism to banditry and other criminal activities.

Here are 15 most peaceful countries in Africa.

1. Mauritius

2. Botswana

3. Sierra Leone

4. Ghana

5. Senegal

6. Madagascar

7. Namibia

8. The Gambia

9. Zambia

10. Liberia

11. Malawi

12. Tunisia

13. Equatorial Guinea

14. Angola

15. Morocco

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