Optometrists raise alarm over low state of primary health facilities, eyecare in Nigeria

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By Godwin Aliuna

The Nigerian Optometric Association, NOA on Friday claimed that over one billion people globally may go blind by 2025 because of ignorance and poor access to health care.

The Association decried the alarming state of Primary Health Care Facilities in Nigeria, made this known through

The Association in a communique at the end of its 46th National Conference in Abakaliki, decried the bad state of primary healthcare facilities in Nigeria.

The Association’s President and National Secretary, Dr. Anderson Chimeziri and Dr Victor Aliche in the communique blamed poor access to health care as one of the major factors responsible for vision impairment globally’

It noted that one of the primary responsibilities of government is to cater for the welfare of its citizens but expressed the regret that certain equipment needed in the delivery of health care services are severely overtaxed by customs.

The Association noted that the impending blindness will affect productivity, national growth, and family life if adequate interventions are not effected adding that poor out-door and prolonged near work activities like use of computers, telephones, TV, laptop, eye pads are major causes of vision problems.

The eye experts maintained that a single comprehensive eye exam conducted by an optometrist can lead to variety of favourable outcomes which ranges from discovery of previously undetected eye and health problems like glaucoma, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other health conditions.

Earlier in his address, the Association’s Former President, Dr. Obinna Awiaka expressed concerns over the state of the economy and security in the country and the increasing spate of violent clashes and called on the government to step up action to address the immediate and remote causes of the problems.

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