Mohbad’s contract with Marlian Music was fair – Music executive, Abisoye

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By Sunny Green Itodo

Music executive Abisoye ‘Cash ‘N’ Out’ has claimed that the contract late Nigerian rapper Ilerioluwa Olademeji Aloba, aka Mohbad, signed with his former record label, Marlian Music, was “fair”.

Following his controversial death on September 12, 2023, many have condemned the treatment meted on Mohbad by Marlian Music boss Naira Marley and his associates after he left the record label in 2022.

While exiting the record label, Mohbad had, in a letter dated October 25, 2022, and signed by O.M Falade, his lawyer, cited the non-fulfilment of the terms of the contract signed in 2019 when he joined the record label while also accusing the label of refusing to pay him his royalties from monetised intellectual content and advances as mutually agreed.

Speaking in a recent interview with Arise TV, Abisoye claimed that he was privileged to access the contract the late rapper signed, insisting that it was “fair”.

He said it was a joint deal between the record label and the late artist. However, things didn’t go as Mohbad expected.

Abisoye said, “By right, I might not be able to speak about Mohbad’s contract with Marlian Music like that here. But because I’ve seen it before, I would say it was a fair one.

“In his defence, me and him [Mohbad] always talk about that contract. That contract was a joint venture. It means he comes to the table as who ever he is and the label comes to the table and they put two together and they make something which is a beautiful arrangement but some how it didn’t just go the way he thought it would go. And like I said, I won’t be able to speak more on that.”

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