Why I didn’t accept Tupac’s proposal – Jada Pinkett Smith

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By Sunny Green Itodo

American actress and talk show host, Jada Pinkett Smith, said late rapper, Tupac Shakur, proposed to her while he was in jail but she declined.

She said the late hip-hop star proposed to her because of the condition he was in then.

Pinkett explained that she didn’t accept his proposal because she didn’t need to be his wife before she could help him.

Despite describing the late rapper as her “soulmate”, the thespian maintained that they were not maritally compatible.

She spoke on the latest episode of the Showtime Basketball podcast.

Pinkett said, “2Pac proposed to me while he was in jail. I talk about this in my book when I go to see him in Rikers. When I wrote about that in the book and when I had to speak my words for the audio version of the book. That was probably one of the most painful parts.

“Seeing him there, the condition that he was in, and having to leave him there. He was in bad shape. And so, when he asked me to marry him, he was at Rikers. And I knew at that time that he needed somebody to spend time with him. Which I was going to do anyway. He doesn’t have to marry me to do time with me.”

She added that they would have divorced in no time if they had gotten married.

DAILY POST recalls that Pinkett recently disclosed in a clip from her forthcoming NBC News primetime special with Hoda Kotb that she and her husband, Will Smith, have been living separately since 2016.

“It was not a divorce on paper but it was a divorce. Since 2016, we have been living apart,” Pinkett said.

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