You have access to our kids – Estranged wife tells Do2dtun

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By Sunny Green Itodo

Omotayo Oyebanjo, the estranged wife of On Air Personality, Kayode Oladotun, popularly known as Do2dtun, has urged him not to use their kids to fight old wounds as they kick-start their divorce proceedings.

In a statement on Sunday via Instagram, Omotayo said their two daughters are fine and should be kept out of their marital separation. She said contrary to the allegations by her ex-husband over the custody of their children, the entertainer has access to their kids.

She alleged domestic violence and emotional abuse, narrating how Do2dtun drove her to a hospital to have a forced abortion of a five-month pregnancy.

The couple married in 2013 and had two children together.

However, sometime in November 2021, Omotayo instituted a divorce proceeding before Justice AI Akobi of Court 23, High Court of the Federal Capital Territory, in Suit Number: GWD/PET/25/2021, over alleged “unending reckless emotional abuse, forced abortion and vicious domestic violence,” by Do2dtun, which she claimed has adversely affected her health and general well-being.

Do2dtun recently alleged that he was not allowed to see his daughter, but Omotayo said their two daughters are too young for social media exposure.

“Dotun, our kids are fine, and it is indeed good for you to see them and give them your treat as their father. It is indeed your right to spend time with them, but I kindly request that we resolve the children’s issue amicably. My legal team has initiated contact, and I encourage your lawyers to reciprocate, provided that we maintain the confidentiality of my address. We can do that now or anytime.

“When you filed a motion for divided custody during holidays and festive period, my legal team raised no objections. I wanted, and still want, to shield our children from the tumult of our issues. The court granted the order for divided custody on holidays and festive seasons on June 6, 2022. I direct your attention to Order 1 on your Instagram post from October 11, 2023, where you shared the court order in an attempt to rally support on social media.

“I believe that those who have rallied behind you in this false narrative will ultimately one day know better. Despite my suffering, I refrained from sharing my true experiences with my brother, as he had been advised not to support our marriage due to alarming reports from sources like Daddy Freeze and Dudu. Yet, you and I both dismissed these allegations as falsehoods, and you even confronted Daddy Freeze in defence of our relationship. My mother and I persevered in our faith in you.

“In July 2022, I coordinated their holiday with you. You picked them up at 12:30 on July 17, 2022, and they returned to school in August after a month with you. You treated the girls to enjoyable experiences, and I even suggested to the older one to use “Daddy’s money” for my snacks. On July 18th, you messaged me about helping with the remaining clothes in the house, and we conversed amicably.

“In mid-August, you posted a TikTok video with the girls on Instagram, and while some appreciated it, some comments turned inappropriate. I simply urged caution and expressed my concern that our 5 and 7-year-old daughters were too young to be exposed to social media and you know I don’t like it. Your reaction was intense; you lashed out at me and my family and reminded me that you had the final say in such matters. You subsequently blocked me on WhatsApp and all social media platforms, to date.

“We emphasized our duty to share custody, even if the children were in a boarding school, and provided evidence of their travels during the first holiday to the court. We also pointed out our appeal for divided custody during Christmas and New Year. Your failure in court subsequently led to public denunciations of me, my family, and the court.

“Despite the challenges we faced, my departure from the house followed the painful episode of a forced abortion at five months of pregnancy. You personally drove me to the doctor despite my pleas, later suggesting that we had reached a mutual agreement despite the unfortunate timing. I didn’t discuss it with my brother.

“I am not inclined to embrace the social media persona you expected me to adopt after years of marriage. You suddenly wanted something different and I tried to be but didn’t work.

“Let’s not use the kids to fight old wounds. Regardless, and for our children’s sake, I want to implore you to exercise restraint in this matter and leave my innocent family out of it. For our kids’ sake. There’s a process in place, let’s get it done so that you can have your kids and watch if truly that is the issue. May God heal you,” she said.

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