‘I want DNA test to ascertain if I’m my father’s daughter’ – Cynthia Morgan

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By Sunny Green Itodo

Popular singer, Cynthia Morgan, otherwise known as Madrina has called out her father, demanding a DNA test from him.

She said her father’s behaviour towards her makes her doubt her paternity.

Bemoaning her dad’s entitlement mentality, the singer asserted that only a “fraudulent father” would tell his children to “take care” of him before he could pray for them.

The singer stated that her father has been going around telling people lies about her and has been planning on going on media rounds to badmouth her.

Taking to her Instagram story, she wrote, “My supposed father’s favourite phrase is ‘you have to take care of your fatter o, you have to take care of your father o’. So he can always pray for you. Bro, I don’t have and btw I don’t even owe you a WAEC certificate. And if my money is equal to your prayers then you’re a fraudulent father. I always knew the part of him being a fraud though. Reason I am finally asking for a DNA.

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