If Venita publicly apologises to me, I won’t accept it – Vee

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By Sunny Green Itodo

Big Brother Naija reality show star, Victoria Iye, aka Vee, has said she would reject any apology from Venita Akpofure for allegedly marring her relationship with Neo, her cousin.

She claimed Venita was part of the reasons her relationship with Neo Akpofure failed.

Speaking in the latest episode of the Moni Talks podcast, Vee vowed never to reconcile with Venita over her alleged involvement in their relationship crash.

“If my ex-boyfriend, Neo’s cousin, Venita ever publicly apologises to me [over her involvement in our split], I won’t accept it.

“It’s not about me being a hard girl. It’s about being a sensible one. I know when to put my pride outside and accept that I’ve done wrong here. But I’m not stupid. I know when to stay very far away from bad energy. And that’s a whole lot of it. She [Venita] played a part in our breakup,” she said.

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