I died for 10 minutes during surgery for degenerative spine – Toyin Lawani

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By Racheal Ayodele

A popular Nigerian fashion entrepreneur, Toyin Lawani, recently disclosed that she faced a harrowing experience during surgery, enduring a 10-minute episode of death when her lungs collapsed.

Lawani shared her ordeal on her Instagram page last Friday, revealing that she had been diagnosed with a degenerative spine and a cyst.

In a video clip documenting her journey from the pre-surgery phase to the challenges faced during the procedure, she explained that the surgery involved an implant for the C5 and C6 on her spine.

She recounted, “I died for a whole 10 minutes. While I was pregnant with my daughter @kingtinukeleora, I started having serious neck/back/leg pains. And it got to a point where I would get paralyzed on the left side of my body, and I couldn’t move at all. I was on painkiller injections all through.”

Lawani further revealed the severity of her condition, stating, “I was later diagnosed with a degenerative spine and a cyst in my brain. Guys, I died for a whole 10 minutes before they were able to bring me back to life.

“My lungs collapsed. I developed Oedema, and from fixing artificial implants in my spine to be able to walk properly again, I went on to developing complications that got me on a tracheostomy tube for three months.”

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