Rapper Canserbero’s ex-manager admits to killing him

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By Racheal Ayodele

Natalia Améstica, the former manager of the late Venezuelan rapper, Tyrone González, widely called Canserbero, has confessed to killing him.

Recall that rapper Canserbero and his friend and producer, Carlos Molnar, were found dead in January 2015 near the Camino Real Building, in Maracay city, Venezuela.

The deaths were initially documented as murder-suicide cases.

Canserbero was earlier reported to had killed his friend in a knife fight before throwing himself from a 10th-floor window.

However, in a new development on Tuesday, the Venezuelan attorney general, Tarek William Saab, on his X account, released clip statements wherein Natalia admitted that she carried out the murders and staged the suicide with her brother, Guillermo Améstica’s help.

In the confessional video, Natalia told the authorities that she was furious after learning Canserbero planned to cheat her out of payment for a tour to Chile she had organised, and intended to sack her.

“This hurt me a lot and left me with a lot of internal pain,” she said.

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