I dropped out of UK university because I couldn’t afford fees – Crossdresser James Brown

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By Sunny Green Itodo

Popular Nigerian crossdresser James Brown has revealed why he dropped out of a university in the United Kingdom.

DAILY POST recalls that Brown made headlines last year after announcing that he had been admitted into a British university.

However, reports emerged on social media that the crossdresser only went to the UK for a visit but claimed he was studying there.

Reacting via a video message shared on his Instagram page, James Brown claimed that he dropped out of the British university because he couldn’t afford the fees.

He said, “I hear say dem say I no go school for London. Una dey craze? Una eyes blind? Do I do fake life? No!

“See my university card, Bellshefield University, London. I dropped out because I couldn’t afford the fees. When I went to London I didn’t know that I would spend so much. I did not know. Nobody told me. I spent not less than £12,900. So I said instead of spending that kind of money it’s better I buy a house in my village. I came back because school fees in London is very expensive.”

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