We can restore Nigeria’s integrity through films – Ali Nuhu

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By Racheal Ayodele

The director of the Nigerian Film Corporation and actor, Ali Nuhu, has stated that quality in Nigerian filmmaking can help restore the country’s integrity.

The actor, during his latest interview with BBC Hausa, noted that only 35 per cent of Nigerian films currently meet the desired quality standard, while the aim should be at least 70 to 75 per cent.

He said, “If you look at the films we produce in Nigeria’s film industry, you would see that only 30-35 per cent meet desired quality as against 70-75 per cent.

“So I will focus on this by making sure we are more educated and the provisions of quality equipment.

“We have ambition of transforming the industry into one of the world best because we don’t need quantity, what we need most is quality over quantity.”

“Some bad eggs among the industry have given Nigeria a bad name, so through these films, we will restore our integrity,” he added.

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