‘I don’t like being referred to as underrated artist’ – Waje

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By Sunny Green Itodo

Singer Waje has warned that she dislikes being tagged an “underrated artist.”

Waje’s fans, especially on social media, have been tagging the singer as “underrated,” arguing that given her talent and contribution to the music industry, she deserves more accolades than she gets.

However, speaking in the latest episode of the Secrets Behind the Scenes podcast, Waje said she prefers not to be referred to as an underrated artist.

She explained that “underrated” is not a good compliment as many assumed it to be.

She said, “I do not like being addressed as an underrated artist. Words have power. Some people might celebrate it [being called underrated] and make it like, ‘People see who I am and that’s why they said so.’

Your perception of success is between you and your mind.”

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