Soludo urged to take advice on insecurity in Anambra seriously

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By Joe Chukindi

Anambra State Governor, Prof Chukwuma Soludo, has been urged to take some criticisms of his administration on the state of security in the state as advice.

A public affairs analyst and Managing Consultant of Ozion Limited, Mr Emeka Ozumba, said instead of Soludo and his media advisers wasting energy in defending the current state of security in the state, they should rather accept it, and work towards securing the state.

Soludo was recently criticized by one Ifeanyi Orakwue Alias Hugeman for calling on Anambra indigenes in Lagos to relocate their investments to the state.

Ozumba, while reacting to the controversy trailing the call, said no one should be condemned for criticizing the government, especially as all Anambra people have stake in the state.

He said: “Ndi Anambra are bound by collective destiny, and both the leadership and the led have highly invested in the progress and future of the state.

“No one should be constrained or heckled from adding value towards our common prosperity since we are all committed to finding the solution.

“The current situation in the commercial city of Onitsha is pathetic, and I feel oddly inspired to commend one Hugeman for his courage in putting the issue of security on the front burner.

“Rather than engaging in online tit-for-tat with Hugeman and his likes, the managers of information should see the video as a wakeup alert and advise those who prod them to attack to see reason in the use of temperance in language and engagement to win over the naysayers.”

Ozumba said security problems in Anambra are not new, but stated that Soludo’s predecessor used a hybrid system which secured the state till the terminal days of the tenure.

“Soludo in his wisdom has adapted and rejigged the Bakassi formulae in the mold of State Vigilante (AVG). Now that questions are being asked about the current system’s efficacy in some quarters, particularly Onitsha; the government and its lieutenants should neither fidget nor get unduly defensive since no one formula fixes the security madness forever.

“The government is advised to take the criticism by the chin, review the contents of the video and deploy measures appropriately to nip the menace in the bud.”

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